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Todd Stevens

I have lived on Scilly for 20 years but have 40 years experience in the field of diving and wreck hunting.  In my time at Scilly alone I have found 15 new previously unknown shipwrecks and two of those sites have since received Government protected status.

I have researched countless lost vessels; specializing in wrecks between 1500 to 1800 and co-authored a large hard back book recording thousands of wrecks and incidents at sea. It is the foremost record of all the Shipwrecks of these islands entitled "Shipwrecks & Maritime History around the Isles of Scilly"  I have also written three other titles on projects I have discovered and worked on. Every wreck has a story behind it, some more interesting than others, I believe that the tales behind  the wrecks in my books easily rival the best shipwreck tales to be found anywhere in the world.

Through my shipwreck hunting and research I have become extremely good at dating and or giving possible nationality to unidentified shipwrecks through objects found on the sea bed, ie: guns; anchors; pottery; glass; and general ship board artefacts and materials. I give help to others in this field and can even advise on the law of Salvage.  I have appeared on numerous TV programs including a 'Britains Secret Treasures' & also a Time Team special, both covering the Colossus shipwreck.


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