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Maxine Bryher

I’m Maxine Bryher, a local artist raised on the Isles of Scilly. Creating art is something that has always been a part of me growing up, so therefore I went on to study an Art Foundation at Bristol School of Art, and later to complete a BSc degree in Landscape Architecture and Ecology at Sheffield University. After graduating and returning to Scilly I decided to finally follow my true calling, and in November 2020 I started my journey of becoming a professional artist.

Scillonian life has encouraged my artistic nature and I hope I portray my love of the islands in my artwork; bringing into play the surrounding beauty and harmony of nature to inspire each piece. Currently I use black ink pens and a range of mark-making techniques to draw shells, some found on Scilly and some found in distant lands! Though over time I will diversify and explore different mediums, styles and subjects.

My studio space and little gallery is at Phoenix Craft Workshops on St Marys. A warm friendly welcome awaits you!

Contact information:

Instagram @maxine_bryher_artist

Facebook @maxinebcole



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