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Steve Hicks

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Sketches and paintings

I have had a lifelong inclination towards painting and drawing. In spite of this innate urge I went away to sea on leaving school. Growing up surrounded by a horizon makes you want to see what is beyond. Especially watching ships steaming off into the vastness of the ocean blue. Ah, the romance of it all. What a fool I was.

Following twenty years in the Merchant Navy I threw my lot in with other members of my family running the launches here on Scilly. A disadvantage of that move was that there was little opportunity for pursuing much of an artistic pastime. After twenty three years in the island boating business I sold the Seahorse in February 2018.

With hopefully more free time I intend to work on artistic pursuits to a greater extent. I am mainly inclined to paint ships and boats. A little unimaginative perhaps, but stick to what you know! I aside from sketches, I tend to favour watercolours. It can be a challenging medium, however the equipment required was not too bulky for taking away to sea.

I am married to Oriel Hicks of Phoenix Stained Glass.

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