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Stephen Morris

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Hello, my name is Stephen Morris and I've been an artist all my life, full time for about 20 years, selling my work in my little gallery close to the beach. However I rarely paint in there, always working from life, preferring to be outside. You'll often see me painting at the water's edge, in the corner of a flower field or anywhere where I find colour and a good light. I work in water based media, but I sometimes add hard pastel and often incorporate beach material eg., seaweed, sand etc., (mainly for texture).  I am fortunate to live on these islands, because the air is so clean, clear and the colours are very bright. I think the islands share the famous Cornish light as made famous by the St Ives School of artists, but it is combined with wide open skies, as on the east coast. At times the sheer vibrancy of colour almost hurts the eyes. I use watercolour partly because it is an ideal medium to paint out of doors, but also I like its transparency and the way colour flows with the water. I have discovered the inks have even more of these qualities and are even brighter. I am really enjoying them! I started using acrylic inks in an effort to loosen my style, which I felt at the time was becoming too detailed. A few years ago, I began with small quick sketches and decided not draw first, but to use brushes straight away. This style developed into using the ink droppers directly on the paper to move and mix the colours, using water in varying amounts to achieve different effects and largely abandoning brushes altogether. It is a very risky strategy, particularly when combined with the rigours of painting out of doors.  The results are less subtle, but more bright, impressionistic and freer than my watercolours. Stephen Morris Glandore Gallery Porthloo, St Marys, Isles of Scilly,TR21 0NE Tel: (01720) 422535 Email: Main website: Facebook: Twitter: Blog:


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