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Scilly Maid Chocolate

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Carmen Stevens has been running Scilly Maid Chocolate since 2014. Born on Scilly and lived here most of her life. Her chocolate making business is carried out at home.  The name Scilly Maid was an idea of her husband but it immediately was a favourite as 'Maid' is a term used by Scillonians for young ladies (not that she feels she is one now though - ha). Love of foraging has led to some fantastic locally sourced flavours - many hours are spent carefully picking Scilly Wild Gorse Flower from prickly bushes, while out with Daisy Dog. Also beach combing includes collecting Scilly Sea Lettuce from the beautifully clean seas around the Islands. Recently added are Scilly Samphire and Wild Carrot Seed to the growing list of foraged items. All are lovingly added to delicious high cocoa Chocolate. Scilly Sea Salt is also sourced from a local business based on St Martins and used too. Keeping it a TRULY LOCAL small business.

With a love of year round sea swimming chocolate fish were one of the first items produced followed closely by chocolate shells. There are Rabbits for Easter and Christmas Trees. Wedding favours are also available. Flavoured chocolate is usually in bars or shards.  For more information and choice of products visit my website.

If you or a family member or friend love Scilly then the perfect gift would be the gift box with Belgian chocolate Puffin bar, a 'Love Scilly' bar and a pack of Milk shards with Scilly Sea Salt or the other gift box has a Belgian: Trio of Fish, Bar of Milk Chocolate with roasted hazelnuts and a dark chocolate raspberry heart.

Love chocolate - Love Scilly - the best gift to give.

Scilly Maid Chocolate is available here or online and also you can order by telephone with a debit card or email and pay by telephone. Payments can also be paid via PayPal.

01720 423361 or 0778 9961499

F: @ScillyMaidChocolate


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