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Phoenix Stained Glass

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

I'm Oriel, the original member of Phoenix, as I opened the glass studio in 1991. I trained as a stained glass artist in Reigate, Surrey, and bought the studio as I was asked to make the window of St. Christopher in the Parish Church.

When I finished, I still had to pay the bank loan off so I started making small items to sell to visitors: “Tiffany” sun catchers, jewellery and mirrors with designs etched in as well as painted roundels.

As the years passed, I made more stained glass windows in Scilly and further afield, Bryher and St. Agnes here, Ladock and the Children's Hospice in St. Austell on the mainland.

I also acquired a fusing kiln, in which I now make the bulk of my small scale work.

I was lucky enough to receive E.U funding to build the new craft units behind my studio, and am now part of the Phoenix Family... Not sure if I'm the fairy godmother or the evil landlady... I'll leave that for them to decide!

I love my work and am still excited every time I open the kiln.

phone 01720 422900

fb phoenix crafts

Porthmellon Business Park, St. Mary's, TR21 0JY


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