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Lou Simmonds

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Hi - my name’s Lou Simmonds and I live and work on the wonderful, wild little island of St Agnes: part of  the most southwesterly creative community in the UK. I make baskets from local willow, tamarisk and ghost rope salvaged from our white sand beaches and throw pots using clay from St Agnes, North Cornwall as well as tiny amounts of clay uncovered on just a handful of days with a exceptionally low tides each year. I paint and draw.

​My studio sits right at the edge before a vast ocean stretches away past the indomitable and majestic Western Rocks and Bishop Rock lighthouse to other side of the world.  I work in this haven surrounded by awesome beauty. I strive to combine functionality and simplicity; the colour palette a reflection of this breathtakingly beautiful island I am lucky enough to call home.


Instagram: lou_st_agnes


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