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Scilly Scarves

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

How lucky am I? I have always been creative. It doesn’t have to be just painting. It is wonderful to work with your hands to produce craft or fill a blank piece of paper with writing. As a mature student I managed to do a degree in the history of decorative arts and an MA in antiques. Creating essays became my sole obsession. When it was all over I needed another outlet. A friend was running a silk painting workshop and needed to make up the numbers for it to go ahead. I had always been a tidy artist, firstly training as a ceramic designer and then taking to botanical painting. This nasty, uncontrollable silk painting was not for me. Reluctantly I went to the workshop and came out enchanted with my new medium.

The Isles of Scilly has to have a mention. It is beautiful, inspiring and there are always opportunities for those who say “I would like to try that”.

About seven years later I have my studio, several silk painting techniques mastered and the freedom to dabble in any direction my busy brain takes me. When I am not silk painting I am photographing the landscapes and flowers around me.

As a social being I love being part of a community of artists and makers at the Phoenix Craft Studios. Our motto could be “share ideas and cake”.

Telephone: 07746 684973

TWITTER: Elizabeth Askins@ScillyScarves



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