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Island Gin

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Husband and wife team, Arthur & Hilary Miller established their Scilly Spirit Distillery on St Mary’s just last April, yet received awards within weeks of releasing their “Island Gin”, as their stunning bottle was awarded “Winner – Best Design & Packaging in Spirits” for the UK in the Drinks Business Awards.

In June, they attained the highest accolade of “Master” in the Spirits Business “Global Gin Masters Awards” - being one of only 14 gins to receive this prestigious award, from the 320 gins tasted. Two medals also followed from the acclaimed International Wine & Spirits Competition in July.

Their attention to detail with their packaging design and product quality explains their award success. They are equally attentive and dedicated to their craft, as they both still fulfil every aspect of the making of their Island Gin, from the small batch distillation runs, to bottling and labelling (tamper seals – each personally signed and batch coded - plus awards medals), to packing and dispatch, with the latter being no small task either, as everything has to be taken from the distillery to St Mary’s quay, to load on to the thrice weekly freight ship to Penzance.

So, if you are seeking a truly authentic, delicious, artisan gin, with genuine provenance and the owner’s total commitment so very evident, then Island Gin delivers!


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