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Hilltop and Standing Stone Soapery

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

In 2014 two colleagues working in adjoining offices became friends. It turned out they had both always wanted to keep goats, so in 2015 they became the proud owners of Carriad and Enfys,  two lovely Golden Guernsey's. Since then, the herd has grown to seven, including triplet girls, Delilah, Savannah and Wilhelmina who were born in 2019. All the arrivals meant a large amount of surplus milk, and just over four years ago, the first experimental soap batches were produced and Hilltop and Standing Stone became a reality.

The herd is kept at Garrison Farm, and Honor and Jess head up twice a day to milk, feed and play with them.

Come and find us on Facebook (Hilltop and Standing Stone Soapery) and we also have a shop on Etsy (HilltopStandingStone) where you can place orders. We also have various outlets all over St. Mary’s, including the Airport, Strudel in Town and Mumford’s Newsagents.

We have several different varieties of soap:

Lavender and French Pink Clay Buttermint Geranium and Rosewood Peppermint Lemon Sherbet Honey and Turmeric Turmeric Unscented.


Etsy - HilltopStandingstone

Facebook - Hilltop and Standing Stone Artisanal Soap

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