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Bryher Jasmine

Hi I’m Jasmine and I grew up on both Tresco and Bryher. I’m now raising my two boys, Zakary and Reeve, on Tresco with my husband. It makes me so happy to be able to bring my boys up with the same freedom and values as we had growing up here. I want them to find happiness in the simplicity of their childhood, of having muddy knees and shoes full of sand. 

I sew as a hobby and also as a bit of ‘me time’ as I love to create. As a teenager I started sewing a few decorative lavender hearts to sell outside our family home on an honesty stall and now it has progressed to scrunchies, purses and make up bags. I love to pick bright bold fabrics, mostly nautical or floral themed to create with. I’m always searching for new fabrics and hope to start designing my own one day inspired by the beauty around me. 

Instagram: @bryherjasmineshop

Facebook: @bryherjasmine


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