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Category 001 – Finger knitted Octopus

Entry deadline: Wednesday 15th April

Resources: Wool

If you don’t have any wool, you could always repurpose a Christmas Jumper – please ask the owner’s permission before you unravel it. Alternatively, you could use string, cord, t-shirt yarn.

There is whole world of finger knitting out there – I had no idea until I looked.

You can use whatever technique you prefer but if you search the internet for

“finger knitting - Sundays with Sarah” Sarah explains a simple technique, for younger makers.


“Red Ted Art - 2 finger finger knitting”

If you have any yarn left over, try making the longest length of finger knitting you can.

To enter

Take a photograph of your entry and send it to:

subject: Category 001 - Finger knitted Octopus

Include your name:

Name of your octopus (and a little bit about its character)

Your age group; infants and below, Junior, Secondary and ‘A’ levels, 19 -69 years, 70 years plus.

Resident or non-resident

(by submitting a photo, you are agreeing to the image being reposted on different social media platforms)

Keep a hold of what you make, at a later date, the Garrison Lane Makery would love to display all the Octopuses in their window.


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