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004 - Fused glass dish

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Makers Challenge- design a fused glass dish.

Oriel is setting a challenge, to design a fused glass dish. The winning entry will be made by her, in the studio and sent to the designer. It will be a 150mm square, gently slumped dish.

Entry Deadline -11th May 2020

Top tips:-

There are two possible ways of designing your dish.

1) Keep your design simple. Five or six pieces is plenty. Each shape will have to be cut from glass, so bear this in mind if you wish to win! It might be easier to work using coloured tissue paper if you have any, to create your design. (The wave dish shown is just two pieces of transparent, coloured glass, with opaque white “frit” glass grit, sprinkled on.)

2) It is possible to cut a stencil from card, and use powdered glass sprinkled through. The seahorse design is done like this, onto opaque white glass.

You can choose which style you wish to use for your design.

Not every colour is available in glass and not every shape possible to cut, so Oriel may need to “interpret” the design to fit the limitations of the material.

To enter

Take a photograph of your entry and send it to:

subject: Category 004 - Design a fused glass dish.

Include your name:

Resident or nonresident

Your age group: infants and below, Junior Secondary and 'A'levels, 19-69 years, 70 years plus

(by submitting a photo you are agreeing to the image being posted on different social media platforms)


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