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A walk around St Agnes

We love living on the tiny Island of St.Agnes but we are appreciating it now more than ever. It’s very surreal walking around St.Agnes in the lovely warm weather and not seeing a soul. We are very much missing our holiday makers, but seeing St.Agnes this way in summer is a once in a lifetime experience. Whilst on a walk, Indiana and I got to thinking about where our favourite places on St.Agnes, and Scilly in general are and how different they will be this summer. Since we are in lockdown, and cannot visit the other Islands right now, we thought we would share with you photos taken on our walks from the last couple of weeks including some of our favourite places on St.Agnes. This is Covean beach just coming up to high tide the other day, it was incredibly peaceful and hearing the water come in over the rocks was very therapeutic. Covean is one of our favourite places for a swim at high tide, the sea is often calm and quite warm (for Scilly!)

This is the view looking over to the small beach at Covean towards Bar. Although a little less accessible than Covean itself, this is also a great place to swim, and the crystal clear water in this little cove looks as though it is straight out of a Caribbean holiday catalogue!

Out on Wingletang Downs, Peraskin is a less visited beach, but still a beautiful one! This photo is taken at about half-tide but the water is lovely when the sea comes in over the hot sand!

And of course, it wouldn’t be a sunny day if I didn’t take a photo of the lighthouse on my way up the road. Between us we must have taken hundreds of photos of this view! But you can’t beat a cloudless St.Agnes sky, with the view of the lighthouse.

Josie and Indiana Little Island Chocolate Company


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