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1 fossil. 17mm.



Yve’s fine silver pendants are individually handmade, and most are one-off or one-of-a-kind.

Yve collects seashells from the beaches on all the inhabited islands of Scilly and makes

silicone moulds of single seashells and other trinkets. Casts are then made using eco-

friendly precious metal clay. Once dry, each piece is refined using files and glass paper.

Pendants are constructed by amalgamating individual shapes in a pleasing combination.

The pieces are then fired to become pure silver (.999). They are a distinctive, lasting

memento of Scilly.

Yve’s deep love of the mesmerising dark, Scilly night sky also inspires the creation of

pendants made by multi-layering star shapes and seashells. Each one different and look

gorgeous worn on the neck.

*** New for 2022 are pendants in the form of excavated fossils – some are combined with

seashells or tiny trinket details, whilst others resemble fossils nestling in natural rock. ***

Fine silver is more delicate than Sterling silver (.925), because it does not contain copper to

strengthen it, but can produce intricate pieces of jewellery which do not tarnish as readily as

Sterling silver. Simple care instructions are included with each pendant.

Photographs illustrate the pendants magnified, not accurate size. The photos may also

highlight slight surface “imperfections” which are completely integral, but much less visible

“in the flesh”.

The stated measurements are approximate to the widest points, but have a margin of

><2mm. The pendants are sold according to their final fired weight, not size.

Prices include Royal Mail Signed For 2 nd Class Delivery to UK destinations. Packaging is

kept to a minimum to keep postal charges low. Overseas freight charges will vary – please

check with Yve for a total quote before making a purchase.

Scilly Seashell Silver Pendent

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