This book is a tale of one Nelson's ships covering its wrecking; which resulted in the loss of an extremely precious cargo of greek antiquities that were closely associated with the infamous lover of Lord Nelson- Lady Emma Hamilton.

It then describes the rescue of the crew and what happened after the wreck broke up and became dispersed across the sea bed. It then chronicles the life of an ordinary diver who moves to the Isles of Scilly in pursuit of his dream and makes a wonderful and new ship wreck discovery while diving beneath the waves. The book then turns into a very personal, warts and all, account of events surrounding an amazing discovery found on the wreck site by the Author's wife. The unique story of HMS Colossus and its cargo had already been subjected to two television documentaries and numerous written publications, but these new discoveries caused such a stir in the academic worlds of archaeology and british maritime history, that the ensuing media coverage overshadowed the previous recovery of Sir William Hamilton's precious lost cargo. Here, finally, the Author completes the story of the wreck in this definitive book. This is not a second hand account of events, nor is it a publication rushed into circulation by archaeologists basking in the glory of the find. It is an intimate, if occasionally romantic account, written by the diver that actually made the most recent discoveries regarding this most evocative of ship wrecks.

Wreck of Colossus - The find of a lifetime. Written By Todd Stevens