This small box of succulents is the ideal gift for your loved one. It is carefully packed by Issy and is sent by first class post on the next available posting day. We hand write a card with your message on them. Your box is finished off with a stylish ribbon. The six succulents it includes are...


Aeonium Zwartkop. These succulents are almost black in the summer but have a green shimmer in the winter. They produce twinkling starry yellow flowers in the spring. 


Aeonium Green. These green brussel sprout like succulents are seen across the islands in gardens and growing wild. (These are in their dormant phase at the moment so are a bronzed colour)


Our Aeonium Arboreum has star shaped leaves. 


Echeveria Affinis is an exciting new addition to the Scilly succulents collection. It has shiny leaves and is perfect for a pot. 


Sempervivum star sirius is a hardy alpine succulent which means it will grow happily indoors and outdoors. 


The ever popular Echeveria lobed leaves complete our boxes.  It's the succulent every first time grower wants. 

Succulent Gift Box - Grown on Bryher


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